ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅13-11-13
Packaging And First Look

Unsurprisingly the packaging of the Kone Pure Optical shares many of the hallmarks of the Kone Pure, to the extent that you'd be forgiven for mistaking them as the same product if you say them on a store shelf. Thankfully ROCCAT have added a little bit of red to the former's exterior, differentiating it from the blue of the latter and at least adding some clear distinguishing marks.

Chief among the features highlighted on the front are the Titan Wheel, an interesting choice when it comes to striking a contrast from competitors in the field and placing a slight focus on long-term durability. Also represented are the Pro-Optic Sensor R3 itself, Easy-Shift[+] functionality, customisable lighting and 72 MHz on-board processor. The devil is in the detail however, with macro system and on-board also memory figuring prominently. Due to not overloading with buzzwords and ancillary features there's still plenty of space for a top-down shot of the Kone Pure Optical emphasising that it's not an ambidextrous design, something which we find quite important.

Each of the sides of the packaging are also used to the fullest extent possible. System requirements, packaging contents and technical specs are all included on the bottom alongside the barcode and EU certification logos, whilst the right side panel goes into a little more detail for four of the features highlighted in the front.

Moving to the rear, ROCCAT have used the space saved to include an image of the Kone Pure Optical mouse, this time from the front and at an angle to display the area where your thumb would be resting and give you some idea of the ergonomic contoured shape. This image is labelled with some of the features already discussed, and just below that ROCCAT repeat a selection of the elements you can exploit on the mouse. For the mouse connoisseur the most intriguing is likely to be the use of Omron switches, a choice which has been noticeable (for the better) in the past with both the Kone Pure and other manufacturer's mice.

Opening up a front flap afforded us our first glimpse at the ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical as well as some explanation on how Easy-Shift[+] works and some of the pre-set application macros.

ROCCAT have done an excellent job relaying the key mouse features to any potential user, and although many purchases will be made online where such a list is already naturally available on the etailers website the brick-and-mortar retail experience is still important.

Here's out first look at the Kone Pure Optical. The retail bundle is sparse, including only the quick-start guide. Frankly that's all anyone tends to need or want if they have an internet connection, and if it has no weight customisation options (as in the case of the Kone XTD) that's pretty much all you should expect.

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