ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅13-11-13
A Closer Look

The shape and size of the Kone Pure Optical is identical to the Kone Pure, obviously due to an if it aint broke, dont fix it attitude. The Kone Pure design is quite small, measuring only 92% of the original Kone and compact compared to similar mice at this price point. The elongated dimensions are down to how narrow the mouse is, making it more suited to those with smaller hands or more cramped grips.

Weighing in at 90g the Pure Optical is also one of the lightest mice weve reviewed, which is certainly something of an achievement considering the electronics packed inside. Despite the lack of weight customisations the balance is good, with weight very slightly distributed towards the rear when gripped in line with the sensor. When lifting the mouse from a surface this should help you keep it level and is one aspect to the design's stability.

Although the finish applied to the Kone Pure Optical differs from that of the Kone Pure in colour its still the same smooth rubberised 'soft-touch' of the original. This makes it tremendously easy to grip, but consequently will acquire grime a little more readily (if not in the same way as smooth plastic). Cleaning will be relatively simple, although investing in a wire brush for the small gaps between plastic sections is advisable.

At the top of the mouse we have the two main buttons, main scroll wheel and two buttons labelled + and -. The main buttons are solid with very little travel distance and no looseness in the housing. Following criticism of their mouse wheel ROCCAT moved to the Titan Wheel design, which reinforced the axle and improved the rate at which it can sense rotation. Thanks to the reinforced axle the middle mouse button is very solid and easy to click without rotating, something which is crucial if you want to use it on a minute-by-minute basis. The two additional buttons default to DPI control, but the top-most can usually be used effectively in-game if you're using a claw or fingertip grip.

At the bottom of the shell ROCCAT have etched their stylised cat logo into the translucent plastic below the rubberised surface. Naturally an array of LEDs will shine through when active, in your choice of colour.

Moving to the left side (as the right is bare) we can see the two thumb buttons and a significantly recessed thumb rest. The latter will allow you to lift the mouse without having to grip the sides too tightly, improving stability in FPS gaming particularly. The thumb buttons are recessed into the shell with quite some separation, making them very easy to distinguish in the heat of the moment.

Just above the thumb buttons is the Pure Optical logo. It does spoil the clean aesthetic somewhat, but is still probably necessary to prevent any possibility of confusion given their otherwise nearly identical looks.

Finally we come to the base of the mouse. Two non-stick feet are at the top and bottom to ensure a smooth and even mousing action, although we'll need to keep a close eye out for any wobble or other instability sometimes caused by having more or less than three 'feet' on a mouse. The optical sensor is almost perfectly central to the base and should ensure that even small movements with a slight rotation are picked up and relayed accurately. Other than that, this is also the place to go for product and serial numbers as well as a number of EU manufacturing and disposal certification labels.

The final component to the Kone Pure Optical is a braided USB cable. The braid is fairly lightweight which in conjunction with the relatively thin cable should ensure that it doesn't move the mouse when the mouse is at rest. Here some of our extended time with the Kone Pure comes in handy, as after a couple of months the cable was notable loose and flexible compared to its retail-fresh state.

So there is the ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical. Much of the shell and all of the external parts appear to be identical to that of the Kone Pure, which in of itself if no surprise, but it's also put together in a way that oozes quality and reassuring solidity.

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