ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅13-11-13

Our conclusions for the ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical have been informed by our previous experience with the excellent laser-sensor-based Kone Pure, and we have to say that thereís really not much between the two. Both have seemingly excellent build quality, great features and a sensor that as far as we were able to discern never misbehaved. The question then becomes, how much has the market moved on since the release of the Kone Pure?

The answer is not too much. New mice have tended to be either incremental updates to well-established products, much like the Kone Pure Optical itself. Genuinely new designs have tended to be at the higher range of the market or more specialised to the MMO side, which isnít really the target for the Kone (the XTD being a more generally MMO-oriented mouse from ROCCAT).

With that said, the ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical has to match our award for the Kone Pure, especially as it comes in at a price under itís sibling. Key to this is retaining operation independent of software where necessary thanks to its Turbo Core V2 processor and 576kb on-board memory, although using the software will of course bring additional benefits. The strength of the mouse is augmented by pairing it to a ROCCAT Talk-compatible keyboard such as the Isku or Ryos MK range, and itís hard to understate just how much that coupling unlocks the potential of both devices.

If we had one reservation, it would be the software. As stated in our review of the Ryos MK last week ROCCAT are beginning to fall behind the competition purely with regards to the features and customisations their software offers. It should be stated that this doesnít mean the Kone Pure Opticalís isnít fit for purpose, because it genuinely is highly functional and well polished, but itís still static where other manufacturers are progressing forward relatively rapidly.

The ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical matches the excellence of the Kone Pure as a 7-button mouse with great responsiveness, well constructed elements and good levels of customisation. Through software you can adapt it more closely to your own game preferences, whilst synergies with other ROCCAT periperhals increase your options greatly. Especially well suited to those with slightly smaller hands and associated grip styles, it receives our Gold Award.


+ Brings the strengths of the Kone Pure with the option of an optical sensor
+ 72 MHz on-board processor allows for quick, responsive macro parsing
+ Five profiles and dozens of button assignments thanks to 576kb memory
+ Keenly priced
+ Good software
+ Some personalisation through lighting


- Still a slightly higher price than some competitors
- Fewer customisation options than some


= Pair with a ROCCAT Keyboard such as the Iksu FX or Ryos MK range to take advantage of ROCCAT Talk

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Our thanks go to ROCCAT for providing this review sample.

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