👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅09-08-19
Closer Look
In the box for the ROCCAT Kova AIMO there's not much to look at, the only additional item being the quick installation guide.

Taking a closer look at the front of the mouse and we get our first look at the Knight Rider-esque light bar, the other design carry over from the previous release is the model name emblazoned on the top grip of the mouse.

On the left hand side of the mouse we have three re-assignable buttons.

Looking on from the rear of the mouse and we get a look at the Titan Scroll wheel, which is the 2nd illumination zone, as well as the DPI toggle. It would have been nice to have this toggle split so you could have a DPI Up & Down function rather than just the one.

The right hand side of the mouse is a mirror image of the left with three assignable buttons.

Turning the mouse onto it's back and we get a closer look at the 7,000 DPI Pro-Optic R6 Sensor which is positioned directly in the middle of the body of the mouse. Also of note here is the bottom rubber feet, where there would usually be one foot, ROCCAT have taken the decision to split the pad into 3 sections, we presume this is to keep the weight down ever so slightly.

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