👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅09-08-19
As we've mentioned before, ROCCAT have opted to make very few design changes so what has been said before still stands now, it's a well built , ambidextrous mouse with a sleek aesthetic & a plethora of programmable buttons.

ROCCAT have managed to create a mouse that is perfectly symmetrical, from the sensor being placed directly in the middle of the mouse to the top buttons being identical on either side. Whether you're left or right-handed you will have the same experience and more importantly the same access to the mouses feature set as everyone else.

We're also big fans of the subtle RGB implementation however the smooth plastic that ROCCAT have used for the shell of the mouse is ridiculously susceptible to finger prints so we found ourselves cleaning the mouse after every gaming session, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if you don't want that hassle we'd recommend looking elsewhere.

If you're looking for a comfortable, ambidextrous mouse, you can't go wrong with the ROCCAT Kova AIMO

+Build Quality
+True Symmetry
+Number of Programmable buttons

-Too thin
-Finger print magnet

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