ROCCAT KOVA 2016 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅16-11-15

As far as performance goes, anyone that has experienced a ROCCAT mouse will know how accurate and reliable they are; this again rings true with the KOVA. The Turbo Core 32bit ARM MCU was flawless in keeping the sensor stable while the Swarm software guarantees vast customisation and programmability.

The EASY SHIFT[+] feature will give a wealth of options to MMO gamers or even FPS gamers with the easy to access Smart Cast buttons, but some may find that the learning curve and the contortional hand movements to take advantage of such wealth may take a fair bit of getting used to. The average gamer that likes to jump in game and assign the two side buttons to suit may find themselves faced with an uphill challenge when they realise the effort needed to go through for something which, normally, tends to be so simple.

Looking further into the aesthetics the RGB lighting was a bit of a disappointment with various preset colours in the so called spectrum failing to display entirely, defaulting to white instead of replicating a vaguely relevant hue. This adds to the list of 'simple' functions not functioning.

Considering these downsides, ROCCAT have created an attractive, highly versatile, excellent quality ambidextrous mouse that performs with deadly precision. If you can master the Smart Cast buttons and the EASY SHIFT[+] feature, you will undoubtedly have one of the most powerful gaming mice in your hands.

The powerful built in processor provides the KOVA will killer accuracy while the innovative Smart Cast and EASY SHIFT[+] features will allow gamers to expand their control beyond all expectation.


+ Ambidextrous
+ Attractive/ sleek design
+ Good build quality
+ Lots of programmable buttons

- Inconsistent lighting (* ROCCAT have since released a firmware update which has fixed this issue.)
- Long winded button setup
- Takes a little getting used to

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