ROCCAT Renga Boost Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅20-12-18

Product on Review: ROCCAT Renga Boost
Manufacturer: ROCCAT
Street Price: GBP £49.99 / USD $59.99 / AU $96.99

ROCCAT are well-established within the gaming sphere, launching targeted, well-made products for several different price brackets. The heatset we’re testing today is the budget-option within ROCCAT’s over ear lineup, at £49.99/$59.99/$96.99.

The ROCCAT Renga Boost is the natural evolution of the ROCCAT Renga, with claims to improving the 50mm neodymium drivers for better bass and enhanced audio performance overall. Those of you that might’ve read our review of the original Renga may remember the distinctive blue cable, that’s been swapped for a black replica this time around.

The Renga Boost remains a lightweight 210g and retains the original shape completely. The same compatibility is also carried through with a 4-pole adaptor for your games console or mobile phone.

Let’s tear the headset open and test her out.

ROCCAT on the Renga Boost:
The Renga is built for gamers who demand more from their headphones. With multi-platform support and 50mm drivers for deep bass, its rich sound is perfect for gaming, music, movies and more. Its ergonomic headband and ear cushions guarantee comfort for undivided in-game focus.

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