ROCCAT Renga Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅03-03-16

Product on Review: ROCCAT Renga
Manufacturer & Sponsor: ROCCAT
Street Price: US: $49.99, UK: £39.99

The Renga is ROCCAT's entry level headset at a wallet friendly £40, a fiercely competitive price point. The lightweight frame is just 210g, and is fitted with powerful 50mm neodymium drivers. Aside from the ROCCAT styling, this headset seems to be based on the Superlux HD 681, but comes with redesigned earcup and driver specification. Of course, being a headset there is the added boom microphone vital for in game communication. As with many contemporary headsets, the Renga will be supported on most major gaming platforms as it is supplied with a 4 pole adaptor, ensuring the versatility required by many gamers.

Overview by ROCCAT
Renga is ROCCAT’s vision for a studio grade over-ear stereo gaming headset that creates the utmost audio experience for gamers. With multi-platform support, its over-ear design with optimally aligned 50mm driver units ensures comfort and deep, powerful bass for completely undivided in-game focus. Its reinforced structural housing provides the framework for a super comfortable build, with ergonomic headband and ear cushions. Perfect for gaming, music playback, movies and more, Renga is developed for gamers who demand more from their headset.

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