ROCCAT Renga Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅03-03-16

The ROCCAT Renga hits all the crucial points for a good gaming headset in its price, performance and comfort. It is light and airy making it suitable for long gaming sessions. It has a balanced audio signature that is clear and well defined, enabling it to give a highly enjoyable experience across various media types.

There are various considerations that hold the Renga back in regards to its outright performance however. The low volume issue will harder hit those that will wish to use it with the PS4 and Xbox ONE as there are few, if any, options available to improve their experience. Then, when used on a PC, specifically if you have the means to drive the headset to a higher volume, there is a noticeable deterioration in the quality of the bass. It becomes slightly flappy and distorted. Finally, if we take a more detailed view of the pricing and competition, there some good alternatives to consider at a similar price point, but you will find the Renga on the shortlist too.

The Renga is a fine headset that will suit gamers that prefer a smoother, natural and more balanced audio signature.

+ Light and comfortable
+ Clear, balanced audio performance
+ Wide soundstage

- Could be louder
- Bass gets a little flappy at higher volume
- Feels cheap

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