ROCCAT Ryos MK FX Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅03-04-16

Product on Review: ROCCAT Ryos MK FX
Manufacturer & Sponsor: ROCCAT
Street Price: US: $169.99, UK: £139.99

A little while ago we took a look at the ROCCAT Ryos TKL Pro, which is the compact Tenkeyless version of the Ryos keyboard. The interesting design, unique features and its solid performance really helped it stand out, since then we have been eager to get our hands on a full RGB Ryos keyboard.

The Ryos MK FX has a feature list that reads like various others in its series, including Cherry MX switches, dual 32bit ARM processors, 2MB of on board memory, as well as having a built in wrist rest and thumbster buttons. However the Ryos MK FX gets a full RGB lighting makeover and is supported by ROCCAT Swarm, ROCCAT's unified driver software.

Overview by ROCCAT
Do you pick style or performance when you look for the perfect weapon to add to your gaming arsenal? Do it the ROCCAT way: pick both. Purpose built for hardcore gamers, the Ryos MK FX is the most advanced mechanical gaming keyboard on the market. Using all of ROCCAT’s industry expertise and gaming experience, the Ryos MK FX boasts a feature set so comprehensive and a design so eye-watering you’ll be leading the pack by miles – complete with 16.8 million color per-key RGB illumination.

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