ROCCAT Ryos MK FX Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅03-04-16
Software & Lighting

The ROCCAT Swarm software has a customisable home page that you can pin all your favourite settings to for quick access, and features a host of advanced controls such as key reassignment/activation/deactivation, as well as effects for a standby mode after a set time of inactivity. You can view the key assignment map as the image of the keyboard, or in a more detailed view of each key being listed with its standard and easyshift assignment.

You can assign each key with a recorded keystroke using either the live recording or the macro editor. The macro manager felt a little difficult to gain access to as you have to create a new folder then add a new macro in the folder, then record the macro, but once you find your way through this, it is rather straight forward and easy to use. There is a large library of useful macros already stored for many popular games making life easier. I found that the Macro recording didn't record any mouse button presses and you would have to add them manually by right clicking, even then it was limited to standard left/right mouse clicks and not any additional buttons. This may not be a major problem for most, but I like to note this as some macros I like to record DO require mouse key presses.

The lighting modes for the Ryos MK FX fall into two categories, preset or custom modes. The preset modes have various set parameters that create attractive lighting modes. The equaliser mode specifically looked fantastic. The manual mode allows you to create several layers or lighting parameters for more advanced lighting effects. There were a few things I noticed that was very interesting. One is, the ripple effect option gave a choice of three speeds, all but the fastest speed felt laggy, and it is strange that ROCCAT didn't offer a more sliding scale of speed rather than 3 presets, of which two seem defunct. Another thing I noticed was that the lighting didn't feel like it was bright enough. Other than these mentions, the RGB lighting ROCCAT used is actually impressive in how well they render colour accuracy, in between shades looked fantastic as well as being the only RGB lighting I have witnessed that actually presented an excellent white colour.

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