ROCCAT Ryos MK FX Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅03-04-16
Performance Testing

Setup, Design & Observations
Setting the Ryos MK FX keyboard up is fairly straight forward, though make sure you have 2x USB ports spare. Apparently this is to ensure its 1000Hz polling speed, anti-ghosting capability as well as powering the keyboard and its lighting adequately. This seems strange as we have experienced many keyboards that function perfectly on just one USB port. Maybe this is something to do with the dual ARM processors. Though it felt like a waste having to use 2x USB ports (both 3.0 in my case) and not getting a USB pass-through in return.

In use the Ryos and its integrated wrist rest is actually very comfortable to use allowing you to ignore its 35mm thickness as you get a level typing plane. This does come at the cost of desk space as it has a rather large footprint. The Ryos mk FX features 30+8 key anti-ghosting, so not quite full NKRO but enough to give full confidence. The UV coated, laser etched key caps feel good quality and durable.

The additional macro keys will be a sigh of relief for those that demand dedicated macro keys and its worth not forgetting that you can reprogram the thumbster buttons too.

ROCCAT have again chosen to pair the Ryos MK FX with Cherry MX switches that ensure durability with their 50 million keystroke rating. At the moment at least, it seems that the Ryos MK FX is only available with Brown switches. This may not entirely be a bad thing, though some may have their own established preference. Cherry MX Brown switches are mechanically similar to Red switches and have the same the 45cN actuation force, but instead of being linear, Brown switches provide a silent tactile bump when pressed.

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