ROCCAT Ryos MK FX Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅03-04-16

The ROCCAT Ryos MK FX in our testing came out strong. It is comfortable to use for typing and gaming, and has many powerful functions that many gamers will find useful. The easy shift key can instantly turn the Ryos into a powerhouse of shortcuts and macros while the per-key RGB lighting provides interesting lighting effects.

Comparatively, the Ryos MK FX is priced right alongside the Corsair STRAFE RGB and the Razer Blackwidow Chroma. Between these, the ROCCAT doesn't appear as the most vibrant in outright brightness, though the Ryos MK FX does offer outstanding colour rendering, having a true 'white' lighting appearance may sway some buyers. The Swarm software supports the creation of advanced lighting effects, (as we also see in the CUE and Razer Synapse) so it would be interesting to see if ROCCAT supports the community in regards to content creation and sharing.

Though there are features such as the additional macro keys and thumbster buttons, it would have been nice to have seen a USB pass-through on the Ryos MK FX. Many people find that an easily accessible USB port is invaluable and seems a little counter intuitive when you consider that the Ryos MK FX requires 2x USB ports to power. Despite this, its hard to deny that ROCCAT have a solid, feature rich mechanical keyboard that gamers will love.

The Ryos MK FX is a solid mechanical keyboard featuring advanced lighting and programmability along with powerful ROCCAT technologies.

+ Attractive design
+ Comfortable to use (built in wrist rest)
+ Good RGB lighting + effects
+ Dual on board processors
+ 5 Additional macro keys + 3 Thumbster keys
+ Audio jacks

+- Only available with Brown Switches?

- No USB passthrough

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