ROCCAT Ryos MK Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅08-11-13

Product On Review: Ryos MK Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Manufacturer And Sponsor: ROCCAT
Street Price: ~£90 Inc. V.A.T.

If a major peripheral manufacturer could justifiably be known as peripheral specialists ROCCAT would be on that very short list. Well known for their range of keyboards, mice and headsets, they also have a burgeoning reputation for innovation in cross-device comms which unlock even more potential in as wide a set of gaming titles as possible.

Our most recent ROCCAT review was for the ISKU FX, a membrane keyboard which featured ROCCAT’s Talk FX technology and was heavy in customisation for key bindings and lighting. At that time we mentioned that we were looking forward to the then-upcoming Ryos MK keyboards, which were to be their first release with mechanical switches, and that time is finally here.

The Ryos MK range includes three different entrants at price points and with feature sets satisfying as many end-users as possible. Our review today focuses on the entry-level member - Ryos MK - which emphasises functionality over aesthetics to keep unwarranted costs down, but ROCCAT are keen to offer more to the discerning gamer higher up the market. The ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow will add LED illumination to the mix for a more rounded product at a commensurately higher price, whilst the Ryos MK Pro is the no-holds barred offering for the most demanding users. Each of these products also offer a choice of Cherry MX key switches, whilst for now the vanilla MK concentrates on performance with one type.

About the ROCCAT Ryos MK

The most advanced, most customizable mechanical keyboard ever – NOBODY comes close! Introducing the ROCCAT™ Ryos MK – advanced mechanical gaming keyboard. With an eye-watering number of configuration options and high-quality CHERRY MX key switches, you can break out – and unleash the gaming beast within.

As you would expect from ROCCAT the Ryos MK is no bog-standard budget mechanical keyboard. In common with many higher priced brands they also offer macro keys - increasingly a must for ever more complex RPGs and MOBA-style titles - and ROCCAT’s own Thumbster keys for even more gaming potential at the users fingertips. Or in this case thumb-tips.

The retail pricing for the Ryos MK is very similar to the membrane-based ISKU FX, which itself features Talk FX-enabled lighting. The end-user therefore is placed under something of a dilemma - membrane switches and RGB lighting, or mechanical and none. Based on the idea that choice is a net positive, that has to be a good thing.

Of course being a ROCCAT device the Ryos MK includes compatibility with their Talk technology, allowing it to communicate with other ROCCAT peripherals and acting as a ‘set bonus’ (or force multiplier). RPG and MMO gamers especially benefit from this effective doubling of potential key bindings, and along with five profiles offer customisation difficult to parallel.

ROCCAT aren’t the only manufacturer in this space and the £85-95 price window contains many extremely creditable products, both mechanical and membrane. The Ryos MK will need to be great indeed to stand out amongst this crowd.

For international readers, the Ryos MK is available in a wide range of layouts which you can peruse here.

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