ROCCAT Skeltr Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅27-09-16

Product on Review: ROCCAT Skeltr
Manufacturer & Sponsor: ROCCAT
Street Price: UK: $149.99, US: 169.99

ROCCAT on their inception, and even today could be accused of peddling the 'extreme' gamer stereotype in regards to its marketing style. Though, the truth is, they are among those at the forefront of technological innovation bringing some of the most forward thinking gaming peripherals on the market. As evidence, the ROCCAT Skeltr lands on our desks promising unity between our mobile device and PC, and that it can cut out interruptions during work or play.

By connecting to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth while utlising an internal audio pass-through, ROCCAT have enabled the Skeltr to answer calls using the same headset you would be using on your PC, or even reply to any instant messaging by typing on the keyboard. The Skeltr also features onboard processor and memory, RGB back-lighting, 5 dedicated macro keys as well as the ROCCAT easy-shift+ technology to maximise programmability.

Overview by ROCCAT
The Skeltr is the full-powered keyboard that unites your peripherals and mobile device, creating an unstoppable gaming force. Taking device integration to a new level, it consolidates your control by bringing your smartphone or tablet into the fold and putting it right on the frontline for all your battles.

Say goodbye to swapping between device and computer as you interrupt your gaming by responding to messages; say hello to the keyboard that lets you master worlds. Say hello to the Skeltr.

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