👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅12-12-16
Closer Look

The Fn keys are slightly different than on the previous SUORA, this time taking advantage of F1-F4 for selecting various lighting modes (wave, ripple, breathing, solid). Followed by shortcuts for 'my computer', internet browser, mail, and the calculator. F9-F12 act as the media keys for previous track, stop, play/pause, next track.

The numpad side contains various other Fn keys, as well as the Game mode dedicated macro keys that override 6 keys. Print Screen doubles up as the brightness control (offering 10 levels of brightness + off). There are dedicated keys for volume control, and the game mode button.

The SUORA FX is a very compact keyboard, with a bezel barely a few mm outside of the size of the keycaps, though the side view makes it appear rather tall.

The TTC switches used are transparent, allowing the RGB LEDs to shine that little brighter and the colours to blend a little better. These are the Brown switches which is a great compromise for gamers as they provide a silent tactile bump.

The underside features a selection of rubberised non-slip feet and the ability to adjust the angle of the keyboard. There is also a cable routing channel should you need to use it.

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