👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅12-12-16
Performance Testing

Setup, Design & Observations
Once setup, the SUORA came to life in is default left-to-right wave lighting effect mode. The lock keys (caps, scroll, num, and game mode) shine white when active as an indicator.

The construction is fantastic, robust and is visually stunning, while the compact frame is marginally wider than some TKL keyboards, for example: the ROCCAT RYOS TKL PRO is 400mm wide, while the SUORA FX is a mere 430mm wide, yet features a complete numpad.

The keycaps are high quality and feel great, unlike some cheaper keyboards where they can feel rather rough and flimsy. The SUORA FX makes use of metal distribution bars for the larger keys (such as the space bar, shift, enter etc.) rather than dummy switches. The pros/cons of each method of distributing the pressure of a key press is something that hasn't entirely been debated. It would seem that the metal distribution bar method feels more natural as it actually distributes the pressure in a more balanced way, with the added bonus of being cheaper too. The downsides are that the metal bars make it awkward to remove certain keycaps, they also create a metallic rattle noise while typing, and its unlikely the cost/saving is seen by the customer. The dummy switches (as seen here), on the other hand do cost more, but they are quieter, make removing certain key caps easier, and pretty much do the same thing. Considering the relatively extreme price hike between the SUORA and the SUORA FX (79-129) one would have expected a little added luxury.

In use, the SUORA FX stands fairly tall (approximately 38-40mm at its highest point), though not too tall enough to cause any major discomfort. Despite the wedge-shaped taper with a lower front that helps improve the comfort, it is still in the territory that could do with being used in conjunction with a wrist rest.

In game the SUORA feels fantastic to type and game on and the TTC switches again impress us with their consistency and responsiveness. Testing out the anti-ghosting, it seems like there is no real upgrade from the non-FX SUORA as we find that the SUORA FX also is limited to around 21 simultaneous key presses. This is unlikely to ever cause a problem for even the four armed aliens amongst us, but it isn't quite the 100% anti-ghosting that others have offered.

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