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The SUORA FX comes with all the glory of the SUORA, in that is a compact, attractive looking full size keyboard that has an instant-on game mode with 6 programmable keys at the ready. The FX part gives the added benefit of per-key customisable 16.8m colour LED lighting, handy for when you want to map specific keys and controls to your game, or simply want to bring the additional colour to your desktop. The TTC switches feel fantastic, and maybe a little lighter than CHERRY MX Brown. Though some may consider it a limitation considering the SUORA/FX comes in just the one chocolatey flavour, we would suggest that it is the best flavour (at least from a subjective preference).

The downsides to the SUORA FX primarily stem from the pricing of 129, especially when you consider that the Razer Blackwidow x Chroma is very close in price 139, or even more substantially (at time of writing) you can find the Corsair STRAFE RGB with MX Silent switches for a staggering 116. The point is, though per-key customisable lighting is always an awesome thing to have (I rather enjoy mapping out the controls for various different games), the RGB lighting potential isn't quite up there with Corsair RGB and Razer Chroma. The custom lighting profiles wouldn't allow me to add any layers or effects to the key groups, and so the only real interesting thing you could do is add colour gradients. Thus, if you were hoping for an RGB keyboard that has a flashy and spectacular display beyond the 'wave' effect, the SUORA FX isn't quite the option to go for.

The SUORA FX also lacks any real change to sweeten that 50 price increase over the non-FX version. There is no wrist rest included, no USB or audio pass-through, but most importantly, the SUORA FX kinda loses the premise that made the SUORA rather special: the simplicity. There is more driver involvement, and with that there is no escaping the fact that the software isn't quite up to scratch (regarding lighting effects, ease of programming/reassigning keys, as well as the Macro Manager needing some improvement). On top of that, it would have been nice if ROCCAT added some on-board memory to store lighting/macro settings. These could then be saved to profiles assigned to the Fn + F1-F4 keys (as opposed to using them for individual lighting effects). Because of these things, it feels like the SUORA FX has moved towards territory that it isn't quite ready for; an area that is already covered, and rather well.

The strengths of the SUORA FX shine through regardless, and it remains a good choice for those that want an attractive, compact full-sized keyboard with RGB lighting. We just feel the price hike over the non-FX SUORA is just a little too much.

The SUORA FX is a compact mechanical keyboard that is as robust as it is beautiful, the per-key customisable RGB lighting serves as that delightful cherry on top.

+ Compact, elegant aesthetic
+ Solid construction
+ TTC Brown switches
+ Game mode with 6x programmable macro keys
+ Per-key customisable RGB lighting

- No USB pass-through
- No wrist rest included
- Software
- Price

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