👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅12-12-16

Product on Review: ROCCAT SUORA FX
Manufacturer & Sponsor: ROCCAT
Street Price: UK: 129.99, US: $149.99

We have observed a frameless design in a variety of keyboards and it is fair to say that the simple yet sleek aesthetic that reveals the rows of mechanical switches looks fantastic. Though once you have an appreciation for the ease of cleaning the design inherently provides, the aesthetics soon become a secondary consideration. Remember the days when hair, dandruff, dust, cigarette ash, and last years supper were all collected in the crevices of your keyboard, and the true extent of the nastiness was only ever revealed in that annual 'upside down bash'? This is still a reality for many people.

The SUORA is ROCCAT's compact and most raw gaming keyboard. It features robust TTC mechanical switches that are rated for 50 million clicks in the brown flavour (let's think chocolate here). These switches are then mounted directly into a blackened aluminium plate, and have been given all the performance gamers would expect including N-Key Rollover (anti-ghosting), and a 1ms refresh rate (1000Hz polling). Though designed as a driverless keyboard ready for plug and play action with a dedicated Game Mode button, though with the power of ROCCAT SWARM, you have access to key remapping, 6 dedicated macro keys, and per-key customisable illumination.

Overview by ROCCAT
The Suora FX is unmistakably the mechanical keyboard of choice for gaming purists. It boasts a frameless design, the result of which is a pure and efficient keyboard for gamers who like to plug and play right from the box. Its philosophy is raw and undiluted performance, which is exactly what gamers get thanks to its robust, compact build. Built with a durable aluminum-alloy housing, its features include solid mechanical keys with a 50 million keystroke lifecycle plus a comprehensive 16.8m illumination system, and much more. The Suora FX is the mechanical keyboard that gives you raw power, unchained.

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