👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅25-06-16

The SUORA doesn't come with any surprises. It doesn't come with unneeded fluff. In that, ROCCAT have nailed what they set out to do with the SUORA, in that it is a raw, no-frills mechanical keyboard that delivers top level performance in a beautiful yet compact form. The frameless design has become favoured by many due to the convenience of cleaning and the sheer aesthetic. The Aluminium alloy housing feels solid, giving the SUORA an impressively stable base, while the use of TTC switches help curb the cost associated with the use of CHERRY MX switches.

There is little else to really consider with the SUORA, it has media keys and Fn keys, functional backlighting in an attractive blue colour and even includes a 'gaming mode' key that allows instant access to 6 fully programmable macro keys. There are some considerations to make with the SUORA if you wanted to be hyper critical, mostly I would have loved to have seen a wrist rest included, especially if it matched the aesthetic (The ROCCAT REST is available separately, it is a gel based wrist rest and can be found for under 10). This would make the SUORA more suitable for typists or those that sit at their computer all day and don't want to risk developing carpel tunnel. Another argument one could make also is that, at $99/79, it isn't that dramatically cheaper than some CHERRY MX equipped keyboards, say the K70, available in some places for just 90. In that instance, the cost saved by using the TTC switches doesn't seem to reflect that much. Though it is hard to really make this argument stick, especially after how awesome the switches performed in our testing. Relatively speaking, the price point is very competitive for a top-quality mechanical keyboard and in short, we loved it.

Compact and elegant with flawless performance, the SUORA gives gamers everything they need from a mechanical gaming keyboard and we can easily say it is one of our favourites in regards to quality and value.

+ Minimalistic frameless design
+ Switches feel great
+ Solid build quality
+ 6 Programmable Keys
+ 21 key-Rollover
+ Price

- Could have included a wrist rest

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