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Given the amount of flexibility the TYON offers in regards to macro configuration and lighting control, there's enough on-hand that's great in practise, none of which feels tacked-on or useless. The only few gripes we found with the ROCCAT TYON was the additional features within the TYON Driver. Audio responses to volume and DPI settings? Button statistics which unlock achievement trophies to be shared across social networks? While the former appears to be nothing more than a gimmick and the latter provides nothing of value, the implementation of such will likely be ignored by the user.

Where the mouse seeks in catering to an audience of First-Person-Shooters, had ROCCAT marketed the mouse to RTS and MOBA gamers as well, then we sense the TYON would gain larger recognition. And because of this, we feel a large portion of gamers will unknowingly be alienated, with ROCCAT missing out on the potential of bringing in more consumers for the product.

Regardless of these few minor hiccups, the ROCCAT TYON provides superb performance in both gaming scenarios and general usage. Where we found the mouse to be of most value in delivering something that's of worthwhile to it's intended audience, lies within it's button placement. Where most gaming mice will often have the user fiddling back and forth between macro-profiles and remembering which button does what, as well as it's given location. ROCCAT's TYON has been given substantial effort to it's design. The ROCCAT TYON is available now, cruising on to the battlefield at £85/$89.

A great number of additional buttons and presets to take full advantage, the ROCCAT TYON packs a ton of ammunition with the build quality to withstand any damage.

+Attractive lighting
+Superb comfortability
+Attractive in design

-Gimmicky voice responses
-Impractical social media functions

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