ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅21-11-18
Performance Testing
Typically, most manufacturers just buy a bunch of mechanical keys from Cherry and use those, not ROCCAT though, they’ve decided to develop their own called the Titan. Overall, the key switch performs remarkably well, especially for a “first effort” in the lucrative mechanical switch market. We feel as though ROCCAT have aimed to mimic the Cherry MX Brown key switch; the key responds perfectly well in games and gives decent tactile feedback without being too audible, but if we’re pushed to make a decision, we’d still choose a Cherry MX Brown key switch over this. It’s just that little bit more refined, but in all honesty, it’s not a “make or break” feature.

Thanks to the super low stature of the keyboard along with the large wrist rest, we found the keyboard to be comfortable for lengthy periods of use, whether that was for gaming or typing up this review, and with the wrist rest being held in place by magnets, it’s very easy to move it out the way if you wish.

Along the F keys, on the top row, between F5 and F8, we find shortcut keys to open specific programs or windows, they open, in order, This PC, your web browser, your email client and the calculator. These small quality-of-life shortcuts can soon become second nature, saving you that little bit of extra effort you need them. F1 to F4 switch between profiles and F9 to F12 are used as media keys. Let’s not also forget, the audio knob in the corner, which can also be configured to adjust things like keyboard brightness at the flick of a button.

The RGB lighting is fantastic, especially thanks to the clear housing on the switch, the shallow keycaps and the aluminium backplate. The AIMO system provides some truly epic lighting effects with smooth transitions and amazing colours to boot, while even the “Fully Lit” option blends the lighting between two very similar shades of the colour you chose. It’s much less boring than the traditional “pick a colour and go”.

Build quality is excellent for such a thin keyboard, largely thanks to the aluminium backplate. There’s little-to-no flex throughout the chassis and a braided cable is always better than a typical rubber-coated affair.

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