Rosewill RK-9000RE Mechanical Keyboard Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅29-03-12

Product on Review: RK-9000RE
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Rosewill
Street Price: $99

IT is fair to say that Rosewill are perhaps not the best known manufacturer amongst the gaming community so we had mixed feelings when we were presented with a mechanical gaming keyboard from across the pond. Rosewill are responsible for creating many peripheral products from PSU's to PC enclosures so they know a thing or two about PC's and specifically, the gaming market. We have however seen some big manufacturers fall flat on their faces when venturing into the peripheral market so Rosewill had better tread very carefully here as we don't suffer poorly made products lightly at Vortez.

The Rosewill RK-9000's big selling point are the mechanical Cherry Red MX switches which are very light and linear in operation. If they are not to your liking then the same keyboard is also available in Cherry blue, brown or black switches too so whichever your tactile preference, there is a key switch to suit. Another attraction of the Rosewill keyboard is the price as it costs just $99 which is $10 less than the Corsair Vengeance keyboard we reviewed recently. Note I am talking in Dollars here because at present I could not find this anywhere in the U.K due in part to Rosewill being a brand of NewEgg, perhaps the biggest PC component store State side.

If you didn't know who Rosewill were then here's a quick breakdown for you:

About Rosewill
Not long ago we had an idea bring quality hardware and affordable prices together. From that idea Rosewill was born. Formed from a top team of hardware professionals, Rosewill is dedicated to our mission to compete and win on price, quality, and service. We work only with the best partners - businesses we know and businesses we trust.

The Rosewill mission
Our vision is to become the leading brand in computer hardware and peripherals. We aim to achieve this goal by creating superior customer satisfaction. We view our customers as our most important assets. Through our integrity, our innovative products, and our excellent customer service, we aim to create lasting customer relationships.

Customer satisfaction
We believe that excellence is a standard. Our customers deserve nothing less than the best. By purchasing a Rosewill product you are choosing exceptional value, unrivaled customer service and top quality hardware. If you are a Rosewill reseller, you can have the comfort of knowing that we at Rosewill value the success of our business partners.

The future
We will soon be introducing a full line of hardware that will encompass the Rosewill commitment to excellence. New product launches are on the way, so check back with us soon.

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