Rosewill THOR V2 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅16-02-12

This is the first Rosewill product to be reviewed at Vortez and therefore knowing what to expect was a mystery. In the computer case department we have been used to the delights of some top brands within the industry so how does the THOR V2 hold out against the opposition?

The THOR V2 might not be to everyone’s personal taste but this doesn’t hide the fact that it has been designed well. Inside there is support for XL-ATX and even with such a system present there is still lots of space remaining. Build quality within the chassis is very good and thermal performance as you would have guessed from 4x pre-installed fans – 3 of them being 230mm deliver strong performance.

Sadly though cooling does come at a cost – noise. The side panel on THOR V2 has a large perforated mesh section and the front is almost entirely mesh too. With all of these large fans spinning and gaps within the case here present, noise does leak out.

At the moment THOR V2 is only available in certain parts of Europe and USA. The stated price of $130USD presents us with a very good value for money offering.

In conclusion then, Rosewill’s THOR V2 is a lively full tower with plenty of space and some very useful features. Those who are looking to move into a large chassis but are on a budget should consider this case.

+ Lots of space
+ Decent build quality inside
+ Good thermal performance
+ 4x pre-installed fans (3x 230mm)
+ Attractive pricing

- Plastic front fascia looks cheap
- Noise

Click here for an explanation of our awards at Thanks to Rosewill for providing today’s review sample.

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