Rosewill THOR V2 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅16-02-12

The front of THOR V2 features a centralised steel mesh theme whilst the sides are plastic. There are 6x 5.25” drive bays – the bottom bay has a 3.5” adapter tray so that a HDD or similarly sized device can be installed. Behind the lower mesh section is a 230mm LED intake cooling fan, this emits a warm red glow when powered up and can have its colour switched off.

Around the back there is a slot at the bottom for mounting the PSU. Above this there are 10x PCI expansion slot covers, all with perforated steel mesh to encourage better airflow inside the chassis. To the side of this PCI section is even more ventilation but with wider holes. Further up the back of THOR V2 is another mesh section – this has a 140mm rear exhaust fan mounted to it and finally at the top there are 4x circular rubber grommets for water-cooling tubes.

The front and back of THOR V2

At the top of THOR V2 is the front panel connectivity. Here there are various ports that can be used, including the following:

• Power/Reset button
• 2 fan speed knobs
• ESATA port
• 2x USB 3.0 ports (via the motherboard header)
• 2x USB 2.0 ports
• Headphone/Microphone jack

The fan control knobs allow for 2 fans to have their RPM changed – the cables inside simply need to be connected.

The front panel controls include USB 3.0 ports

Further back from this front panel is a small area with a rubber floor for small personal items and then even further back is a fin-like plastic external shell. This has a slide button to allow the vents/fins to be closed or open, this button doesn’t give the smoothest of operation. Rosewill could improve this mechanism.

Top section with slider button

Vents can be opened for airflow

Finally, the underside features 4x rubber feet to prevcent the case from slipping and to give it slight elevation and in the very middle there is a section marked out for mounting a 140/120mm fan on the inside of the chassis. Towards the back of the case there is a dust filter that is removable by simply sliding it backwards – this sits under the PSU fan.

The underside of THOR V2

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