Samsung 830 Series 256GB SSD Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅25-09-11

Product on Review: Samsung 830 Series
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Samsung
Street Price: £350

Samsung are a company that need little introduction. In almost any product type they set their hand to they have gained world-wide recognition for outstanding reliability. Though in times past they have been a big player in the mechanical HDD sector, the SSD market has yet to realise Samsung’s potential. Their 470, though some would argue was late to the SATA 2 party impressed us here at Vortez. This weekend we were invited to Barcelona to meet with Samsung themselves at their European Event Blogger 830 Launch. Here they showcased the drive, showing media all significant break-throughs in the technology used and giving us exclusive access to the engineers themselves.

Samsung’s SSD rivals ought to be extremely concerned. All key elements of their SSDs are Samsung branded. The Controller, NAND Flash and DRAM are all sourced by Samsung themselves. Other brands will source their components from 3rd parties and so Samsung already have the upper hand.

The 830 is Samsung’s first SATA 3 – 6Gbps SSD. The 470 was its predecessor and whilst it may have missed the spotlight, the 830 is about to take centre stage. Boasting a 3-Core processor ARM9 Controller they hope to not only deliver solid performance for read and write operations but as we learned at their launch they are keen to emphasise reliability. These two elements are of utmost importance to the end-user, should Samsung deliver on both these planes then the 830 promises to be the SATA 3 SSD we all desire.

About Samsung
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