Samsung 840 EVO 256GB & 500GB mSATA SSD Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅14-02-14

Product on Review: 840 EVO mSATA
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Samsung
Street Price: £153.43 & £297.34

We reviewed the SATA version of this SSD back in July of last year and it thoroughly impressed us back then winning both Gold for it's astonishing performance and also our creative award for the RAPID feature. Today we take a look at a further two models from the EVO range, only this time in mSATA format.

For those not aware, mSATA was designed to be used in laptops, or more specifically, ultra light notebooks, even tablets. Basically anywhere where power, and space and weight were held at a premium. That said, mSATA is not a new concept but due to its small foot print, mSATA was restricted to small capacities meaning its main use was as a boot drive. As today's samples exhibit huge storage capability (1TB drives are also available), the mSATA format can easily replace a main system storage drive.

Before we examine if performance has taken a hit, let's take a look at the Specification and Features...

Samsung’s take on 840 EVO
The evolution of the compact SSD has arrived with the Samsung SSD 840 EVOmSATA. Combining the best SSD technologies from Samsung 840 EVO, this thin and exceptionally light SSD is specifically designed for ultra-thin laptop PCs. Plus, 840 EVO mSATA delivers faster-than-ever, superior performance with Samsung’s 2nd generation3-bit MLC technology and superb reliability with self-monitoring features. In addition to these cutting-edge features, your PC will stay connected longer, consume less energy and power back up from the sleep mode instantly. So, don't trade in your current laptop PC, simply upgrade it with 840 EVO mSATA. With 840 EVOmSATA, installed on your current laptop PC, your mobile computing will be taken to a whole new level of performance.

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