Samsung 850 Pro 128GB Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅01-07-14
Packaging & Accessories

The outer packaging features a textured, satin finish which is a nice change from the usual plain finishes we get with packaging. A very dimly lit picture of the SSD also adorns the front of the box with the edges highlighted by virtue of having a gloss finish. Black and red is the colour scheme of choice here as every enthusiast and his dog knows that if something is coloured black and red and goes in a PC it is going to be fast - or at least that is what many manufacturers would have us believe!

To the rear of the packaging we get a small breakdown of the features of the drive along with read/write speeds for each individual drive. Note that our particular sample (128GB) has a 50GB/s write speed deficit (470MB/s) against the other drives from the 850 Pro family which have a 520 MB/s rating.

Inside the packaging we are greeted with a thin plastic frame holding the SSD along with both warranty and installation booklets. You also get a couple of case badges.

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