Samsung 960 EVO Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅15-11-16

Hot on the heels of the 960 PRO, the 960 EVO is another super-quick M.2 drive from Samsung.

Behind the design of the 960 EVO we once again see the new Polaris Controller making an appearance, along with Samsung’s V-NAND MLC flash memory. In reality the EVO will perform in a similar way to the PRO – in some cases just 300MB/s is at stake, which for some could be regardedas marginal. This trade-off comes at a much lower price-tag and yet we still have access to a speedy M.2 drive with class-leading features like Samsung’s TurboWrite technology, TRIM and AES 256-bit data encryption.

We’re pleased to now report that Samsung’s new NVMe driver to support both the PRO and EVO is ready and will supply end users with the best possible bandwidth on offer.

The Samsung 960 EVO will arrive a little later than the PRO – hitting shelves in December with a price-tag of £250. This is approximately £80 cheaper than the PRO but does offer less by way of outright bandwidth and arrives with 3-years warranty (against 5 years).

There is no denying how significant Samsung’s Polaris Controller is – in this second appearance with the 960 EVO, we are able to home in on some incredible bandwidth. If performance is king, look no further!

+ Impressive performance
+ Clean aesthetics
+ Compact form factor
+ Uses 3rd Gen V-NAND
+ TRIM Support
+ Dynamic Thermal Guard
+ 3 Years Warranty

- Good case airflow is needed

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