Samsung 970 EVO Plus Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅22-01-19
It’s only 8 months since the initial release of the 970 EVO but already Samsung have somehow managed to push write speeds through the roof. We found an increase in all of our tests for the same capacity, some increases were smaller than others, but an increase across the board shows that Samsung haven’t made any sacrifices in areas to benefit others.
Pricing, too, is largely improved, with each drive launching at around 20-25% less than the 970 EVO launched at; sure, this is mostly down to the falling cost of producing NAND flash but it’s good news for the consumer.

While this is purely speculation, we do believe that this drive has been somewhat handicapped to ensure it doesn’t get too close to the 970 PRO. We obviously don’t have any proof for this, but it does seem to sit suspiciously in the middle of the EVO and PRO drives.

The 970 EVO Plus offers the same TBW rating as the drive it supersedes and also carries the same 5-year warranty giving the user a great peace-of-mind.

Finally, there’s the appearance of the drive. On a lot of motherboards, the first NVMe slot usually takes its place just above the first PCI-E slot where, traditionally, the GPU will sit. Today, especially, with the rise of glass-sided cases and the want to show off good cable management and RGB components, the looks of the drive matter. We find the black PCB and the “Samsung 970 EVO Plus” branding to be quite appealing in a subtle kind of way.

The 970 EVO Plus offers better performance than the 970 EVO in every test, at a similar cost. Looking at it from a potential customer’s point of view, that can only be seen as a good thing.

+ Better than the already great 970 EVO in every test
+ Looks good
+ Competitive price
+ Easy to install
+ 5-year warranty

- None

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