Samsung Green DDR3 8GB 1600MHz 30nm Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅29-05-12

Product on Review: Green DDR3 Memory
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Samsung
Street Price: £53.99

Samsung need little introduction, they are a global organisation with roots in almost every avenue you could possibly think of, but when thinking on performance memory or enthusiast memory they are pushed out of the way by other vendors in the market, the product we are looking at today seeks to reach out to the enthusiast and satisfy all of their needs.

Today we will be taking a look at the Samsung Green 30nm DDR3 kit. This memory kit may have been around for quite some time now but it may have slipped the enthusiast’s radar due to availability. Thankfully Overclockers UK have exclusivity on this product and we are grateful for their sample support.

The Samsung Green 30nm kit we will be testing today is a dual channel DDR3 kit with a stock frequency of 1600MHz and CAS timings of 11-11-11-28. There have been many reports of this particular kit being able to reach some intriguing overclocking heights so it will be interesting to see how far we can go with this kit.

Samsung’s take on Green DDR3
Memory’s contribution to system efficiency and power consumption is highly significant. Therefore, the need foroptimizing the use of memory has become extremely important. Samsung 30nm-class, 4Gb DDR3, which delivers bandwidth up to 1.6Gbps, consumes significantly less power than DDR2 and operates with voltage as low as 1.35V. This provides the best performance-to-power efficiency ratio on the market. As highlighted in the charts below, switching to Samsung’s 30nm-class Green DDR3 provides an 86 percent power savings over a 60nm-class-equivalent, 1.8V DDR2 memory chip. Moreover, these improvements translate into a 44 percent power savings at the server level. Higher density servers will achieve even greater power savings. The evolution of green memory continues with a new generation of low-power, highperformance DDR3. Dual-core and multi-core CPUs for multi-tasking activities, 64-bit operating systems and compute-intensive applications such as virtualization, 3D, gaming and photo/video editing are accelerating the need for higherperformance memory with reduced power consumption. From PCs to servers, Samsung’s 30 nanometer (nm)-class Green DDR3 provides designers with the key to creating the most energy efficient, high-performance computing platforms available today. Lowering The Total Cost of IT Ownership Samsung 30nm-class Green DDR3 is designed to put the brakes on energy waste. It provides a server system-level power savings of about 44 percent (from 390 to just 220 watts). The 44 percent savings at the server level equates to significant Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) benefits in the enterprise space. Through the use of Samsung Green DDR3, a data center manager can increase its server resources 86 percent without needing to increase its power budget. As highlighted in the charts below, in a 2K Watt power envelope, Samsung Green DDR3 allows for placing nine servers on a single rack instead of five. The savings become even more significant when operating costs are factored. For example, in a 1000-server farm, only 112 racks would be needed instead of 200, cutting overhead costs proportionately by more than $60K.

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