Samsung SSD Magician and Data Migration Review

Editor: Gavin Bonshor  Date: 01-04-13   Comment(s) - Join the discussion here
Samsung SSD Magician

The Samsung SSD Magician software provides Samsung SSD users with an easy to use selection of tools which can be used for maintenance purposes such as updating the firmware of the SSD to the latest version, it also provides users with advanced features like SSD performance management, a benchmarking suite to make sure your Samsung SSD is performing correctly, and operating system optimisation.

It comes free with all new Samsung SSDs and the latest version can be downloaded here.

After you have installed the software via your preferred method (we installed via the cd that came with our Samsung 830 Series 128GB SSD) and double clicked on the Samsung SSD Magician software you will be greeted with a basic but good looking user friendly screen.

After clicking the first option “System” we were greeted with this screen which has a horizontal style menu which lists the different tools/features that this piece of software possesses. Underneath the menu we were displayed with our system information including the operating system. Within this you can look through a variety of options such as network, motherboard and storage information.

Upon selecting the Performance Benchmarking feature we were greeted with the following warning, it is recommended not to run SSD benchmarks very often as this can decrease the life span.

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