Samsung SSD Magician and Data Migration Review

Editor: Gavin Bonshor  Date: 01-04-13   Comment(s) - Join the discussion here
Samsung SSD Magician Cont.
After we ran the benchmark we were given the results, they coincide with the performance we should expect from the Samsung 830 Series 128GB SSD. We ran the test via our SATA 6Gbps port (SATA 3) to maximize performance.

We then selected the OS Optimization tool which allowed us to use the Magician software to optimize our copy of Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. You can also select to UN tune if you wish to do so.

Next we decided to have a look at the Disc Clone feature. To use this feature you need to have Norton Ghost 15.0 installed, Make sure when you buy your Samsung SSD that you check to see if it comes bundled otherwise you will need to purchase this (we used an evaluation version to show you the main screen). Please note that Samsung have replaced this feature with the Data Migration software which will be provided with the 840 Series and above. This will work with all current Samsung SSDs. For those with 830 series please download via the Samsung Website.

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