Samsung SSD Magician and Data Migration Review

Editor: Gavin Bonshor  Date: 01-04-13   Comment(s) - Join the discussion here
Data Migration

With Samsung’s Data Migration software it allows you migrate your current operating system and data from your current storage device which then you can clone it to your Samsung SSD. This gives users the option to save themselves from having to reinstall everything from scratch. This software is also perfect if you don’t happen to have a copy of Norton Ghost 15.0, the Data Migration software is available for download here.

After installing the Data Migration software and opened the shortcut on our desktop we came across this screen. It is a quick and easy to navigate screen with a simple outlay of what the software does, and a start button.

Once you click start it will move onto the next screen, here we are presented with a disk analysis which confirms what storage device is available known as the source Disk. To use this software you need to have a Samsung SSD and as you can see I needed to swap the device around and format our Samsung 830 Series 128GB SSD so we could show you how it works.

Upon formatting and swapping it around with our Intel 520 240gb SSD you can now see that the Samsung SSD doesn’t have enough space to fit the operating system and all the other files stored on our Intel SSD. It now gives you the option to go back where you can delete files that are not needed and will analyse the disks again or you have the option to click next and select them through the software itself.

Now we come to the next screen, which informs of how much storage space we have as a deficit. As you can see the difference is 30GB, which is how much additional space we need to create.

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