Samsung SSD Magician and Data Migration Review

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Data Migration Cont.

After clicking next and knowing exactly how much space we need to create, we move on. Now we have an option to scan and select which files we don’t want to clone over. It is separated into 4 different sections, Images, Videos, Audio, and everything else. We did struggle to pick up our games folders so we deleted a couple to make some more space manually via Windows.

On the next screen we were happily greeted with an option to transfer the remaining files over to another storage device and for this we used our USB flash drive to continue with the migration.

Once your finished selecting which storage device you want to use and move forward, you come to the next screen. It then gives you the option to go back and amend any settings and options you have selected throughout the process or you can start the cloning process. After clicking start you are given a warning which informs you that it will delete any data currently stored on the Samsung SSD, we freshly formatted ours before running the software but allows you to go back just in case there is something you might need or forgotten to back up.

Upon starting the process we let it run, first it cloned the files onto our USB flash drive and then continued onto the SSD, this is where the fast write speeds come into play. We found it very quick considering how much data we moved overall.

Here is the screen upon finishing which displays how much space is remaining on the Samsung 830 Series 128GB SSD. To try it out we took it over to another system and it booted up perfectly just like it should.

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