SanDisk Extreme Pro 480GB Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅24-07-14
The SanDisk screams 'premium performance product' from the outset and we wouldn't argue with that claim. SanDisk claim read speeds up to 550MB/s and writes up to 515 MB/s and for the most part this was found to be true in our own benchmarks. Having read and write speeds above 500MB/s puts this product very high up in the performance charts so to this end, the SanDisk Extreme Pro comes highly recommended. There is however a blip on the performance radar and that is IOPs performance. In this area the drive was average with some faster drives available.

The price of the drive is comparable to the market costing less than the equivalent Samsung 850 Pro and Intel 730 but more than the Crucial M550 and OCZ Vertex drives. With SSD prices unstable at the moment this could change as demand decreases/increases but for the time being we would class the Extreme Pro as being fairly priced.

So then, if you are looking for a large capacity SSD whether it is for a Notebook or performance PC, then you would do well to consider the SanDisk Extreme Pro. It has performance by the bucket load, it is fairly priced and it's available in 340, 480 and 960GB capacities. It isn't the fastest drive on test nor the cheapest but with a 10 year warranty backing up the solid performance you can be assured of the same quality for years to come.

In summary
Overall, the SanDisk Extreme Pro is a high performer backed up by a fantastic 10 year warranty from one of the industry leaders so you can be assured of long lasting, 'Extreme' performance.

+ Fast read/write speeds
+ 10 year warranty
+ 7mm Height
+ nCache

- IOPs performance lower than expected

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