SilverStone Fortress FT05 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅12-11-14

Product on Review: Fortress FT05
Manufacturer & Sponsor: SilverStone
Street Price: £138 GBP / $184 USD

Around this time of the year SilverStone release their next instalment to what have become two very popular product lines for them. One such product line is SilverStone’s highly revered Fortress Series which has captivated hardware advocates for a number of years now and today we have the pleasure of looking at the fifth rendition, namely FT05.

Just like previous generations, the Fortress FT05 adopts a similar internal design as the Raven RV05 but brings a touch of elegance to the table by being styled with minimalism as an integral feature. Inside, SilverStone has included some exciting features such as dual Air Penetrator 180mm fans, a rotated motherboard tray, quick-release side panel latches and much more! Join us as we explore this new computer chassis.

SilverStone on their Fortress FT05
The Fortress FT05 represent SilverStone’s continued dedication in improving and reinventing computer chassis design. Similar to the RAVEN RV05, it no longer has any 5.25” drive bay and utilizes SilverStone’s fame 90 degree rotated design. Previous full ATX SilverStone chassis with 90 degree layout often had to compromise on space efficiency due to fixed length of the motherboard in rotated orientation. So the elimination of 5.25” bays solves this issue naturally and enables FT05 to be not only more balanced in proportion but stunning in its design thanks to its thick wrap-around aluminum exterior.

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