SilverStone Fortress FT05 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅12-11-14

The Fortress Series has always been synonymous with quality and the FT05 is no exception to this.

Comparing the FT04 to FT05 there have been some major alterations to the design and SilverStone has significantly reduced the size of this new successor. By omitting the 5.25” drive bay the depth of this case has reduced substantially and yet we’re still able to house a full-sized ATX configuration with a lineup of high-end components.

Those who have seen the RAVEN 5 will identify some key similarities between it and the FT05. Both cases use the same chassis design but the FT05 adopts elegance as its forte.

Included with FT05 are two Air Penetrator 180mm fans which have been positioned at the bottom of the case to push cool air across the system. Combining these cooling fans, their position and the rotated motherboard tray results in excellent thermal performance. This design is further compounded by the inclusion of a three-speed fan controller to opt for lower noise or better temperatures.

SilverStone has designed FT05 to incorporate some interesting and innovative concepts which we really like. The quick-release latches on the side panels are one such feature which is very useful.

We’re pleased to see the next instalment to the Fortress Series see a decent price-drop in light of the reduction in size to its overall dimensions. FT05 can be picked up for £138 GBP / $184 USD – which is likely to be music to many an enthusiast’s ear.

Taking on an elegant and minimalist design the FT05 offers exceptional quality and a whole host of useful features. If low-noise and high-performance is your thing, this new Fortress case should be on the short-list.


+ Understated design
+ Exceptional quality
+ Quirky 90 degree layout
+ Two Air Penetrator 180mm fans included
+ Excellent thermal performance
+ Noise absorption foam throughout
+ Three-speed fan controller
+ Hidden quick-release latched side panels
+ Can house high-end kit

- Cable management is tricky

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