SilverStone Fortress FT05 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅12-11-14

The front and back of FT05

At the front of FT05 we have a completely sealed, aluminium panel which, unlike other computer cases does not detach or feature any 5.25” drive bay covers. As we’ve already mentioned the only distinguishing feature is the reflective band which sits at the bottom of the case and has a faint impression of the SilverStone logo. To the right-side there is a thin incision which runs in a vertical direction – this gives the user the option to install a slim slot-loading optical drive. With most users choosing to use USB rather than optical nowadays, SilverStone decided to omit any full-sized (5.25”) support.

Around the back, again there is a stepping away from conventional computer chassis design. Since the rear IO is at the top of the case, the rear just has a perforated panel for the power supply and an opening for feeding all of the necessary cables to the rear IO panel.

Spring-loaded cover and front panel controls

Turning our attention to the top of FT05 we discover a spring-loaded cover concealing the front panel connectivity with power and reset buttons to the immediate left and right. Underneath this cover there are two USB 3.0 ports, headphone and microphone jacks and switches to adjust the two cooling fans inside the case (600, 900, 1200RPM).

Highly ventilated panel at the top

Further back from the controls there is a large, plastic panel which is completely ventilated. This panel allows the heat to rise up and out of the case and is able to be detached.

Top panel removed – rear IO options

After detaching the ventilated panel we can clearly see what would typically be the rear of the computer case. Here we have an opening for the PSU, seven PCI expansion slot covers (ventilated), a space for attaching a 120mm cooling fan and space for the rear IO of the motherboard.

The reason for this particular arrangement at the top of the chassis is because the motherboard has been rotated 90 degrees to support better thermal performance – as we all know, heat rises and by having positive air cooling from the two fans at the bottom of the chassis this is further compounded.

This section also has two handles to help transport/move the case around.

The underside of FT05

Since the power supply is not mounted at the bottom of the case the underside requires no substantial clearance for drawing in cool air. As such, the case has very little clearance between it and the floor. The only notable feature to point out in this area are the four rubber pads which help to prevent the case from slipping on smooth surfaces.

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