SilverStone HE02 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅09-01-13
Closer Look

It’s quite obvious that HE02 is not for the faint hearted, the size of this CPU cooler is gigantic. It features a dual-tower style but with a difference. The two towers are joined in the middle so technically this is a single-tower heatsink. The heatsink physical dimensions are 170mm x 130mm x 160mm (WxDxH).

An overview of HE02

Observing the HE02 from an aerial view shows a jigsaw-piece shape. The heatsink features aluminium fins which are smooth and compared to other designs isn’t as condensed. Cooling fans are only able to be attached from two sides due to the fin design.

The top of HE02 with jigsaw-piece shape

Profile of fins, great build quality

Turning our attention to the bottom section of HE02 we have 6x 6mm copper heatpipes which transfer heat away from the CPU. The heatpipes run through a copper baseplate which has a semi-transparent surface finish. The baseplate also has small indentations, these help to prevent any air pockets from appearing after thermal paste is applied.

Copper baseplate and heatpipes

Although HE02 doesn’t come with a bundled cooling fans because the intention is for it to be predominantly passive, it does have some fan clips included for attaching them. These fan clips attach behind a groove on the fin stack and provide a secure fitment for a 120mm cooling fan.

Clips for attaching 120mm cooling fans

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