SilverStone HE02 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅09-01-13
Installed Memory Clearance

Memory clearance is something which many system builders and enthusiasts are eager to discover since this will ascertain whether a memory kit will be compatible with the CPU cooler or not. To demonstrate this a low profile memory kit is used.

With HE02 installed, this burly CPU cooler towers over the motherboard and looks rather impressive. If you are considering this cooler then be sure to check whether it fits inside your computer chassis, you will need 160mm of clearance for the width.

HE02 is rather burly

This vast CPU cooler covers the motherboard

Surprisingly, memory clearance with HE02 is actually quite forgiving. For LGA2011 the heatsink does overlap 2/4 slots on one side but there is 4cm of clearance which will favour most memory kits.

Pleasant amount of clearance for memory

Up to 4cm directly underneath fins

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