SilverStone Raven 4 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅27-07-13

The Raven 4 has been in production for some time now and fans of the series have been eagerly waiting for its arrival and now that it’s finally here what is the verdict?

It’s clear to see why the Raven series has such a following. The Raven 2 (RV02) has been one of SilverStone’s most notable achievements in case production and Raven 4 is more in keeping with this case though we can’t vouch that its quality is on par. Raven 4 carries with it a unique and distinct design which is synonymous to this product line and we quite like the aesthetics though there is rather a lot of plastic to contend with.

Inside there is plenty of space for high-end hardware and we’re pleased to see that cable management is easy to maintain due to the cut-outs and general clearance space. SilverStone have also included a number of handy features which set this case apart from others. Having a CPU cooler support is a really useful feature since CPU coolers nowadays are getting bigger, and thus heavier. Having a flagship CPU cooler installed within a system can unfortunately put stress on the motherboard and SilverStone’s idea to lighten this burden is brilliant. As is the idea for supporting the graphics card too – these too are getting cumbersome and heavy, often leaning over and putting stress on slots.

SilverStone tout this case as a premium cooling solution and to this end, it achieves this very classification. We found the Raven 4 to be a superb case for keeping those temperatures low. We also found the noise levels, even on high settings to be tolerable..

Priced at £135 the Raven 4 sits amongst tough competition. Bearing in mind this case has many plastic elements, a door which is rather flimsy and has limitations for water cooling/liquid cooler support, we really feel the price should be on the other side of £100.


Raven 4 is certainly a unique case. It challenges how we look at the computer chassis and delivers innovative ideas which are very much welcomed. Due to the out of the box thinking with this case, we are pleased to hand out our “Creative” award.

+ Unique, distinct design
+ Great cooling potential
+ Fan controller included
+ Brilliant cable management
+ Removable motherboard tray
+ CPU cooler & graphics card supports
+ Handy tool-free HDD installation

- Very limited options for water cooling and ALCs
- Lots of plastic
- Front door is flimsy

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