SilverStone Strider Gold Evolution 1000W Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅30-08-12

Pairing up graphics cards is an ever increasing trend but doing so requires a reliable PSU capable of handling such a task. The demand for 1000W+ PSUs is certainly there and manufacturers have their work cut-out trying to battle for the top spot in the marketplace. So how does SilverStone’s Strider Gold Evolution fare?

Strider Gold Evolution has great build quality, its external design features a gainy, matt finish and has a rather professional touch to it; meaning it will sit well with both the gamer and enthusiast. Being fully modular gives complete control and flexibility. The cables are covered in Nylon sleeves that conceal the wires underneath well and are sufficient in length.

On the performance front, the PSU handled load operation near to 100% (AC power draw); voltage variance at 34%, 62% and 92% remained within ATX specifications. With single and dual graphics card configuration the unit’s cooling fan was noticeable but without hindrance. Adding a third card does create quite a noise from the cooling fan during load but then it isn’t advisable to put a PSU under such load for normal usage.

Priced at £165 / $213 the Strider Gold Evolution is an affordable solution for those who need extra juice and today’s review has demonstrated that this unit is a great value for money choice.

Strider Gold Evolution 1000W is an excellent option for multi-GPU configurations. It has SilverStone’s renowned build quality, is fully modular, has bundled extras and best of all; sits at an affordable price. Based on all these things its our pleasure to give this PSU our Gold award.

+ Excellent build quality
+ Fully modular
+ Affordable
+ Quiet during load
+ Bundled cable management straps + air filter

- Warranty could be longer

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