SilverStone Tundra TD03 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-07-13

Product on Review: TD03
Manufacturer and Sponsor: SilverStone
Street Price: £86 (At time of review)

Liquid coolers are fast becoming a popular undertaking for cooling vendors and the latest brand to open up a new product line are SilverStone. Earlier last month, Silverstone announced their new TD02/TD03 – two new products to revive Tundra by way of an all-in-one liquid cooler. Backed by many years of experience in standing out from the crowd, SilverStone are upping the ante with TD02 and TD03 by moving away from traditional design choices, opting for higher quality materials and designs which diversify.

Today we are to look at the TD03, SilverStone’s first 120mm radiator design liquid cooler which comes accompanied by two 120mm cooling fans and styling like no other ALC seen before. There’s been plenty of talk about these new coolers which are joining the Tundra Series since Computex, so we are filled with much anticipation – so let’s begin…

SilverStone on their TD03
The Tundra TD03 is SilverStone’s first all-in-one liquid cooler and is a breakthrough in a market segment filled with similar-looking products. Its unique full alloy water-block is constructed with copper base and aluminium body for better durability compared to plastic-built competitions. The block also has a patented design that eliminates screws in its construction to provide excellent cooling performance and integration of mounting bracket for easy installation. The radiator has another patented design that utilizes brazing fins similar to those used in top air coolers for increased heat transfer efficiency by up to 40% over traditional radiators. With it fully assembled, factory filled and sealed, the TD03 can be used immediately with no need to refill. For those looking to finally have a unique all-in-one liquid cooler that is durable and well-constructed, the TD03 is definitely it.

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