Speedlink QUINOX Pro USB Gamepad Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅08-11-16

Product on Review: QUINOX Pro USB Gamepad
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Speedlink
Street Price: UK: £59.99, US: $69.99

Competitive gamers are always looking for that extra help to improve their form. It wouldn't be fair to not mention SCUF and their modded console gamepads which feature remappable paddles on the rear to help keep your thumbs on the sticks when it is most vital. Since then, this market has been tapped by Microsoft with the Xbox Elite controller as well as Razer and various other brands looking to give gamers that competitive edge. However, these enthusiast features tend to come with hefty price tags, when you consider that the standard console controllers tend to be relatively pricy anyway, it tends to be an upgrade that can hit your wallet hard.

It would seem that Speedlink have taken a step back and thought about how they could offer a great quality gamepad modelled on the Xbox One controller for PC gamers and the result is the Quinox. It supports both Dinput and Xinput, has 4 accessible paddles at the back and an additional 2 extra buttons by the bumpers which can all be programmed. It also features intense vibrations, LED lighting, and an OLED screen to help navigate the options. This would seem to be a lot of gamepad for the price, especially if you compare it to the £100+ SCUF/Elite/Wildcat alternatives, though are there any drawbacks to be found?

Overview by Speedlink
Always wanted a configurable gamepad? Then the new QUINOX is the one you’ve been waiting for. In addition to its two analog sticks with integrated buttons plus the D-pad, the USB gamepad has additional buttons on the back. All additional buttons are programmable, including with macros, and assignable to any of the multiple profiles using the software. You can even configure the analog sticks’ sensitivity and the trigger deadzones. And for the perfect gaming experience, the gamepad features a vibration function.

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