SteelSeries 7G Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅22-10-11
Product on Review : SteelSeries 7G Pro Gaming Keyboard
Manufacturer and Sponsor : SteelSeries
Street Price: £104 inc. VAT (GBP)

SteelSeries are a company that have a single ambition: To make the highest quality peripherals that cater for needs of the world’s top professional gamers. They started out in their quest by creating some very unique and innovative mouse surfaces and have today evolved into a forerunner of gaming peripherals from headsets to high-end keyboards. SteelSeries however do not take full credit for the empiric rise to gaming fame, they humbly suggest that they simply digest much valued feedback from their huge gaming fraternity and develop products that the gamers wants. Listening to feedback from your key customer base is what makes for a successful company and SteelSeries are without doubt held in very high esteem by all pro gamers thanks to the products that have been designed by gamers, for gamers.

Not only do they take on-board what the gamers say about their product but they also feedback a substantial amount of their profits back into the gaming community to stimulate growth by co-hosting gaming tournaments such as Iron Lady and King of the Hill. It goes without saying that they also sponsor many top gaming teams such as Fnatic, Natus Vincere and SK gaming to name but a few. Thanks to these ventures, SteelSeries get invaluable advice from the very cream of pro gamers which enables them to design peripherals that are not only designed for the very best, but with this in mind, the products are clearly excellent for the for the rest of us.

The product we have on review today is one such item, the SteelSeries 7G Pro Gaming Keyboard. Unlike most of todays 'gaming keyboards', you will not find glow in the dark keys, LCD screens or indeed multiple media and macro keys on the 7G. SteelSeries believe that a gaming keyboard should be able to take abuse, lasting the test of time yet offer consistent and ultimate performance throughout its lifespan. SteelSeries refer to their keyboard as the 'heavyweight of gaming keyboards', I don't know whether this is in reference to its weight or because it comes with few frills that would appeal to the kiddie gamers out there. The keyboard is sombre yet menacing with its low brow looks and unremarkable appearance.

So what is so great about this keyboard? No LCD, no backlit keys, no macro settings, it doesn't even have a windows key! Some may scoff at this but hidden beneath the keyboard is where all the fun begins because the main attraction to the 7G Pro gaming keyboard is the mechanical Cherry MX black keys which are widely regarded as the best mechanical keys for the ultimate gaming experience.

About the 7G
As we began to design the 7G, we wanted to offer a keyboard that would do more than emulate the bridge console on the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 and instead, we focused on raw performance and durability.

We took a long look at the most extreme use scenarios for keyboards and designed a keyboard that would meet and (in most cases) exceed every one of them. That’s why we refer to the 7G as the “heavyweight of gaming keyboards”. It’s not the prettiest chick in the beauty pageant. It doesn’t glow or pulse. But it packs a punch. A serious one.

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