SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅14-11-21
Closer Look
Looking at the keyboard from the end, you can see how tall the keycaps are, they’re much taller than a keyboard with mechanical switches but do offer very good lateral stability.

In the top-right of the keyboard is a scroll wheel, configurable from within the SteelSeries Engine software, which can be used for things like volume control or skipping songs. We also get a play/pause button, but again that can be configured to perform different actions within the software. Caps Lock and Windows Key Lock indicators are included in this region as well. The Num Lock and Scroll Lock indicator LEDs are missing, and the button and scroller have both been down-sized fairly significantly, but there’s no massive change here compared to the full size model.

On the underside of the keyboard, SteelSeries have moulded some cable routing into the plastic. With this you can have the cable leave the back of the keyboard in one of three locations, allowing you to neaten up your cable management somewhat. There are also three decently thick rubber grips at the front of the keyboard to prevent it sliding around on slick surfaces (like most desks).

Pulling up a keycap we can see the switch underneath. This is a synapse key switch, not mechanical in any way, but as we previously mentioned the lateral stability is excellent.

The USB cable is 1.8M in length and is entirely no-frills, it’s a simple rubber-coated wire with a fairly basic Velcro cable tidy. All about cost savings at this price point, so you can get the best possible keyboard experience for the least possible money.

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