SteelSeries Apex M750 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅18-09-17
Closer Look (Continued)
F5 through F12 are multi-function keys, used in conjunction with the SteelSeries key, between the right-hand-side Windows key and CTRL; F5 and F6 are used to adjust the brightness while F7 to F12 is for media and volume controls. Print screen, scroll lock, insert, home, delete and end are all associated with a second function, although, referral to the manual is required for their function.

Lifting off the keycaps reveals the SteelSeries designed QX2 switches, produced by Gateron. The RGB LED is placed at the top, which is fairly typical of any mechanical switch. They feature the standard cross-shaped attachment method, allowing for custom keys to be used.

In the top-right section, SteelSeries has added a 4th indicator LED, alongside the typical CAPS lock, NUM lock and Scroll lock is an LED to indicate that the Windows key is disabled; the main purpose of that function is to prevent it from being accidentally clicked during gaming. The SteelSeries logo is ever-so-slightly recessed and made from an extremely glossy material.

Due to the lack of any USB-passthrough on the Apex M750, the keyboard only requires a single USB connection.

There’s an attached, SteelSeries branded, Velcro cable tidy at the end of the cable, to help tidy away excess length. The cable is 2M long.

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