SteelSeries Arctis 7 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅14-05-17
Packaging & First Look

The packaging features the tessellated artwork in burning orange with a grey background, rather iconic and easily identifiable as SteelSeries. There is a large image of the product itself as well as information about the type of product and the features it contains.

The reverse side gives a very minimalistic diagram of the headset with a list detailing the features and their locations.

On openining the box, there is an instant change with a fun, vibrant cyan offsetting the burning orange colour, reminiscent of the 'ski google' inspiration behind the 'Arctis' line-up.

Inside we get a fun and clear manual, a happy/sad warranty and feedback card, a USB-microUSB charging cable, an additional analogue cable for use with mobile devices and consoles, as well as the wireless transmitter.

The wireless transmitter also has a line-out and mic-in ports, which will activate automatically once it loses wireless signal from the headset. You could connect another headset, or stereo speakers to this.

The headset itself is minimalistic and sleek looking, with closed back earcups. The headband sets it apart from the Arctis 3/5 as the interesting design is more clearly visible by wrapping over the steel frame.

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