Steelseries Arctis Pro + GameDAC Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅13-03-18
Closer Look

The Black ski-google headband is stretchy and easy to remove, and is backed by soft foam lining the inner surface of the frame to ensure addtional comfort to the user.

The earcups are attached to the frame by specially designed housing which allows them to rotate 90 degrees. The earcups themselves are made from Steelseries' air weave fabric which ensures long lasting breathable comfort. The earcups are easily removed, and replacement earcups are available from Steelseeries.

Side on, the headset looks sleek, and discrete with no garish lines or designs jumping out, with just the Steelseries logo subtly printed.

We quite like onboard controls for various reasons here at Vortez, this includes: not having a weakness in the cable which could compromise audio quality/reduce the lifespan. There is a clicky mute button, which turns on an RGB LED indicator in the microphone to remind you it is muted. We are glad to see the audio share port return also, allowing a friend to jack into your headset and listen to what you are listening to also.

As expected from Steelseries, the Clear cast microphone is retractable and flexible, and is able to extend long enough to reach your mouth.

The GameDAC is compact and features a 3.5mm out jack to connect to speakers, an optical port for connection to the PS4 or TV, and a line/mobile in. The OLED screen is clear and easy to read.

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